Manage Smarter 122 — Sam Schutte: Fixing Coronavirus Tech Deficiencies

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Sam Schutte is the CEO of Unstoppable Software, Inc. The company's software development services as a development partner, and is the host of the podcast at unstoppabletalk​.com — which covers the "intersection of business and technology innovation". 

He is also the creator of The Virtual Tip Jar, which enables customers to support their favorite restaurant servers and services providers whose income has been negatively impacted during COVID-19.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to remote meeting platform strain caused by more people working from home than ever, there is some audio dropout throughout this recording.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Sam discuss:

  • Tech vulnerabilities caused by COVID-19
  • Technology that companies should be investing in now
  • The Virtual Tip Jar he created to raise donations for those who’ve lost their jobs 

"You know most of the time when you set up a virtual private network at a company, you don’t have enough (bandwidth or accounts) for all 300 people to be on at one time."

Sam Schutte

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