Manage Smarter 134 — Siimon Reynolds: Win Fast — Quick Ways to Achieve More, Earn More

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Siimon Reynolds is one of the world’s leading business coaches. He is the winner of over 50 business and industry awards, and the founder of numerous highly successful companies. His last company grew from zero to a stock market valuation of over $500 million, in just 8 years. 

Siimon coaches entrepreneurs and CEO’s from all over the world, from start ups to companies grossing over half a billion dollars a year. He is also a multi award winning business author. His previous book won the Silver Medal for Best Business Success book at the Axiom Business Book awards. Siimon’s latest book, titled 'Win Fast. Quick Ways to Achieve More, Earn More and Be More', is scheduled for release in late August 2020.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Siimon discuss:

  • Resetting your focus in COVID-​19 for processes and performance
  • How to do “The 2 Circles of Control” to guide you
  • Magnify for your fear of loss and harness that to propel you
  • Release Breath Exercise to help clear your mind

"Far too many business owners have been running at half speed during the COVID-​19 lockdown. It’s very understandable of course. But now that most countries are slowly moving out of full lockdown mode, it is absolutely vital that you play the next few months at full speed."

Siimon Reynolds

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