Manage Smarter 137 — Jason S Bradshaw: Let's Talk About CEX (Customer Experience)

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Jason S Bradshaw is the entrepreneur/​author of the book It's All About CEX, the essential guide to customer and employee experience. 

At 14 years old, Jason started his own telecommunications and hardware distribution business. It was there he began a lifelong passion for customer experience. With experience in everything from telecommunications to government, media and automotive Jason has the depth and breadth of experience in Customer & Employee Experience to inspire, engage and deliver results.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Jason discuss:

  • Businesses who ignore COVID-​19 are the ones most damaged
  • Companies that do CEX the right way
  • Tips/​New Ways to boost customer engagement BECAUSE of the pandemic
  • Creative ideas to boost revenues during the pandemic recession

"Many managers create a strategy and don't stick with the strategy long enough to let it work."

Jason S Bradshaw

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