Manage Smarter 141 — Jim McCarthy: Upgrading Your Virtual Meetings and Events

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Jim McCarthy, started his career in the e‑commerce business back in 1997, has almost 20 years experience in live events, has sold tens of millions of tickets to millions of people, co-​founded TEDxBroadway, advises entrepreneurs, co-​founded Goldstar Events and Stellar Tickets, and is the CEO of both companies. 

His current mission is to enable artists and organizations to create high quality online content — helping them find success in this new era where online events are transforming the entertainment landscape.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Jim discuss:

  • New ways to produce events that boost engagement in COVID-19
  • Making your online events as engaging as a live event
  • Creating a culture of quality in online events
  • Producer/​Moderator priorities to inject more energy into online events

"These have to be more participatory by design. You can’t allow people to be able to tune out just because the structure doesn’t demand that they do anything."

Jim McCarthy

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