Manage Smarter 145 — Justin Weeder: Overcoming Objections from Customers and Upper Management

BY Audrey Strong
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Whether you're a manager justifying your budget with upper management or a salesperson trying to close a deal, you'll undoubtedly encounter objections and need to know how to overcome them. 

Justin Mark Weeder is the Owner and Head Coach at The Covert Closer. Justin has helped hundreds of sellers perfect their message and overcome objections without the usual aggressive, pushy, confrontation that is associated with selling today. He is the creator of the LISTEN method of overcoming objections and the author of The Covert Sales Method. 

Bonus content for Manage Smarter listeners: Get The Covert Closer's Code — a free objection eBook Mark has created for managers and salespeople at www​.thecovertcloser​.com. You can also download his free Sales Mindset Book at www​.thecovertcloser​.com/​c​o​v​e​r​t​-​c​l​o​s​e​r​s​-​c​ode

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Justin discuss:

  • How he went from unemployed, broke and homeless on the streets of Las Vegas to success
  • How a relatable approach is the foundation to overcoming objections
  • His LISTEN Method of six steps for overcoming objections in sales

"Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens because of you. No matter what it is it’s always your responsibility."

Justin Mark Weeder

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