Manage Smarter 153 — Bill Eckstrom: In Sales, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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Bill Eckstrom is the founder and CEO of EcSell Institute, the world’s first and only organization to measure and quantify leadership effectiveness. He is considered one of the world’s top authorities in metric-​based performance coaching and growth. 

His book, The Coaching Effect, coauthored by EcSell Institute president Sarah Wirth, helps leaders at alllevels understand the necessity of challenging people out of their comfort zone to create high-​growth organizations.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Bill discuss:

  • How one moment of truth made Bill embrace discomfort to greater performance
  • Tips on how to force your team into discomfort and accelerated professional development
  • How to handle staff members who resist embracing the unknown and unpredictability
  • Definition of The Growth Rings
  • The Coaching Effect and how to implement it

"There is a correlation between high-​performing teams and managers who create healthy discomfort for those on their team" 

Bill Eckstrom

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