Manage Smarter 174 — Jonathan Raymond: Good Authority

BY Audrey Strong
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Jonathan Raymond is the author of Good Authority and the CEO at Refound. He learned the hard way what happens when you lose your way as an executive, the impacts it can have on your team, your business, and your life.

More importantly, he learned how to turn that dynamic around, how to drive performance by becoming more human with a team rather than less. He has worked with a wide variety of leaders, and specializes in helping executives and senior leaders who are navigating periods of high growth or uncertainty.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Jonathan discuss:

  • Definition of Good Authority & leaders impact on team performance
  • Why becoming “Deeply Human” is the essential quality of a good leader
  • The 5 steps to addressing poor performance in the moment it's occurring
  • How Good Authority relates to generations in the workforce and greater emphasis on company culture

A manager can foster the personal growth of each person on their team by giving direct and granular feedback about the way they relate with their work, and by giving them the choice to act, or not act, on that feedback in their own way. That’s what Good Authority is all about."

Jonathan Raymond

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