Manage Smarter 177 — Tom Connally: Military Principles for Affecting Change

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Tom Connally is an experienced leader, strategist, and change agent with proven performance leading, building, and fixing organizations by creating a culture of performance. In over 30 years of Marine leadership, he led organizations from 50–3500 personnel, with budgets up to $2.8B.

Tom served as a Director for two defense companies, before founding Connally Consulting where he helps leaders improve their and success professionally, personally, spiritually, and physically. Also the author of Becoming a Leader: A Road Map for My Daughter and the Aspiring Leader. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Tom discuss:

  • How military principles can help you be a better leader
  • Firm, Fair and Friendly concept
  • How to gain clarity in your mission and how to get people to follow you with focus
  • How family transitions can make you a better leader

Leaders fail to recognize that everyone in their organization has value and that they must take actions that cause their followers to transcend to something greater than themselves. Often this is because they don't know "what right looks like."

Tom Connally

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