Manage Smarter 33 — Sharon Smith: Cybersecurity Basics for Managers

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Sharon Smith is the founder of C‑Suite Results, author of “The Corporate Detox” and the host of the “C‑Suite Success Radio” Podcast on the C‑Suite Network. With an extensive background in cybersecurity, Sharon is passionate about helping organizations improve their security posture through hiring and retaining top security talent along with helping security executives lead strong teams and create a culture of security in their organizations. She also focuses her talents on taking complex processes in technology and now looks at the human operating system and corporate cultures.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Sharon discuss:

  • Preventative measures to secure mail and data systems
  • How to build a company culture oriented around cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity causes a lot of stress among leaders and managers
  • All hackers do not pose a threat
  • Security Awareness training needs to be ongoing, not annual

"One thing I think many people are missing is maybe it’s not about your data but your network may lead to another network that has the data. You may be the gateway of the attacker." – Sharon Smith 

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