Manage Smarter 34 — Samuel Bacharach: Tips for Moving Your Agenda

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Samuel B. Bacharach is a Professor at Cornell University where he is on the faculty in, and previous chair of, the Department of Organizational Behavior. He is author of more than 25 books including “Transforming The Clunky Organization” and “The Agenda Mover.” He is also co-​founder of the Bacharach Leadership Group, which focuses on training and coaching leaders in the core skills of pragmatic leadership.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Samuel discuss:

  • The definition of a “clunky” organization
  • Recognizing other people’s agendas
  • Leadership as Execution: How to move your new ideas through your organization
  • Political competence and deep understanding of how to mobilize people
  • How to get “buy-​in” for new initiatives and ideas in today’s complex organizations

Creating alliances, understanding, anticipating people, understanding where resistance is, developing the core skills that are necessary, knowing who you’re dealing with knowing who is who, the agendas of others, developing specific political skills is essential.” – Samuel Bacharach

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