Manage Smarter 84 — Tom Ray: Managing Through Mergers & Acquisitions

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Tom Ray is the Executive Vice President of Jim Doyle and Associates. He is also the author of Amazon best seller, Branding is OUT, Results are IN! Lessons for the LOCAL Advertiser and is an expert in local advertising and media — an industry with a high amount of mergers and acquisitions. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Tom discuss:

  • What you should do with your department and team in a merger or acquisition
  • How to get MORE out of your people amid the stress and chaos
  • How to use major change within your organization for leverage
  • Coping with and managing the major company culture change that follows

I would worry less about what’s gonna be the brand, what colors are they going to choose, how is the logo? I don’t worry about that stuff. Do what your day to day activity is and do it really well."

- Tom Ray

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