Manage Smarter 86 — Tricia Benn: How Women Can Advance to the C‑Suite

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This is the second of a two-​part interview with Tricia Benn, the Executive Vice President of the C‑Suite Network and General Manager of The Hero Club, an invitation-​only membership organization for CEOs, founders and investors.

In addition to sitting on multiple business, associations and not-​for-​profit boards, Benn served as a senior executive for three enterprise-​level organizations in market research, telecommunications, media marketing, and advertising. 

As Global Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and U.S. Managing Director within MDC Partners, a $3 billion global holding company, Benn’s leadership drove double digit growth year-​over-​year and new contracts with some of the most important impact players in the world.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Tricia discuss:

  • Managing negative responses to other C‑Suiters
  • Choice Sets – Use them!
  • Avoiding unconscious bias
  • Vulnerability and how it plays into moving up
  • #1 Tip on what to focus on to succeed

"Being a woman executive I’ve really just had my nose to the grindstone and worked like a maniac. You have to compete with men."

- Tricia Benn

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