Manage Smarter 96 — Patrick Norris: Managing Multiple Levels and Locations

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Patrick Norris is Senior Vice President of Jim Doyle & Associates. Having previously been on “the other side of the table” as an auto group managing partner, he experienced the power of the Jim Doyle philosophy of concentration and marketing focus and the impact it had on his business.

As the Managing Partner of the Norris Auto Group, Pat ran a collection of 5 retail, multi-​brand automobile dealerships and 2 motor sports stores. His 16-​year success was directly attributed to his ability to develop advertising strategies that cut through the “advertising noise” and got results.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Pat discuss:

  • Managing corporate HQ and multi-​location satellite organizations
  • Effective delegation tips
  • How to manage several brands within your organization
  • Latest on the automobile industry in the U.S.
  • Millennials as customers and employees

We would treat each other with dignity and respect, that then interprets into treating our customers with dignity and respect.”

- Patrick Norris

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