Mapping Secures $17,000 Cable Buy from Military Credit Union

BY Courtney Huckabay
Featured image for “Mapping Secures $17,000 Cable Buy from Military Credit Union”

Challenge: National credit union searching for a few good customers 

Viamedia Research Coordinator Marc Elmore had a hunch he could target niche customers for a military credit union in his region with AdMall in his arsenal.

They have a unique target for their advertising, which is often hard to find,” Elmore explained.

The credit union is a large national chain focused on active military and veteran members. Elmore worked at procuring this new business through the credit union’s ad agency by using AdMall research to calibrate his scope.

Solution: Map out branch and ATM locations for precision targeting

With AdMall PRO and other research tools Viamedia has access to, Elmore could pinpoint this specific group of potential customers.

I pulled pinpoints for the credit union in Jacksonville, Fla. and showed where our coverage aligned with their locations and ATMs,” Elmore recounted. “I use AdMall daily with several other mapping, reporting and ratings software programs.”

Result: AdMall PRO hits the $17,000 bullseye

Elmore sold the credit union pre-​roll ads and cable spots in Georgia.

This client was so happy with our advertising we now sell them digital and cable ads in several of our other markets – all of which I utilized AdMall pinpoints for mapping!” Elmore said. “That mapping, plus the data on credit unions in AdMall gave the client all the info they needed to advertise with us!”

I’ve used AdMall for five years and I love the new local pinpoint feature. I map and report a lot, so having [latitudes] and [longitudes] for franchises and local businesses is amazing!”

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