Media Consultant Revs Up For Massive $86,400 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: How to shift gears to reach a new audience

Erica Costa, a strategic media consultant for Excelerate Digital, had to find a creative way to help a local big-​name motorcycle dealership. While the business had done well in the past, it was now facing a new reality in which its primary consumer base was aging out of the two-​wheel market.

Their previously targeted audience, the consumers that were most likely to ride and have been riding for years, are getting older,” said Costa. “[They’re] not purchasing as many bikes as before. [The business] needed a strategy that would target a new audience. Namely, millennials. There were also more women riders than in the past and they wanted fresh ideas on just how to bring that audience in.”

Also throwing a twist into the scenario was a new owner, who had bought two locations in the area. Described as a person who takes a straightforward, no nonsense approach, the owner has one simple rule: if it works, he will do it. But he was also ready to present his own set of analytics to compare with whatever Costa brought to the table.

Solution: Use AdMall’s Digital Audit to find potential customers

Knowing this, Costa turned to AdMall’s Digital Audit for solid, irrefutable data. With this tool, Costa was able to gather information on the target audience and the platforms on which these people were searching for products. From there, she crafted a unique ad campaign using digital advertising specifically tailored to the targeted audience.

[We’re] programmatically keeping fresh creative ideas in front of their potential clients with digital display ads, search engine marketing, geo-​fencing, social media advertising and dynamic display,” said Costa.

Result: A sale worth nearly $87K and 11% growth in website traffic 

Our client is seeing an 11% growth in website traffic from the previous year, reaching a new clientele outside of their current customers,” said Costa, “[as well as] increased time spent on the dealer's site and decreased bounce rate, meaning new visitors are interested, quality prospects. Paid social advertising is generating strong engagement, adding new followers and hundreds of click visits from social to the dealer site, with an average of 428 monthly.”