Media Sales Rep Convinces Advertiser to Go 2.0

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Traditional business owner wary of digital advertising

Multimedia Marketing Consultant Melissa Hubbard was well into her tenure at the Times Herald when she came across a local business owner looking to branch out from oil change shops into the culinary world.

This would have been a cut and dry campaign for the 14-​year media sales veteran, except for one major hang-​up. The owner was staunchly committed to traditional media and neither understood nor was willing to explore advertising on a digital platform. During their first meeting, he made this very clear by saying, “don’t sell me any digital stuff.” Only, he didn’t say “stuff,” if you ask Hubbard.

Hubbard’s response was succinct. “I looked him in the eye and said, ‘This is not an oil change; we’re not speaking to the same customer,’” said Hubbard. “’Hear me out: wait until the end to tell me no.’”

Solution: Showing accurate demographic info on the new audience the owner wanted to reach

Hubbard knew it would not be an easy sell, but she was able to harness and present the technology from AdMall in order to introduce her prospect to the digital age. Utilizing AdMall’s AudienceSCAN, and the vast array of data it provides, Hubbard was able to tune in on data that helped to both confirm and support her recommendations to the future restaurateur.

For instance, she used the media recommendations provided by the audience profile to suggest a tailored approach to promote sales during the slow season. “Since this is his first pizzeria, I was able to provide insight into some future struggles he may have so we can address them before they happen,” said Hubbard.

Result: An initial 6‑month investment, followed up with a 12-​month renewal

It was Hubbard’s expertise and experience that brought her client into the modern day, but AdMall was there to give her that extra boost needed to close the deal. After being presented with valuable, irrefutable information, the owner accepted Hubbard’s proposal without hesitation. With a combination of social media management, Facebook ads, websites listings and a small print component, the deal equated to 90% digital and only 10% print, which represented a 180-​degree turn from the owner’s previous stance.