Media Sales Rep Uses AdMall to Move Furniture Store into the Digital Age

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Understanding a new way of advertising furniture

Account Executive Brittany Smith, of The Statesville Record & Landmark, wanted to help out a current furniture client who was having issues expanding into the world of digital advertising. Smith had fostered a relationship with the business in the past for some of their print advertising and knew what they meant to their community.

The owner has been in the industry for many years and enjoys seeing consumers’ home visions come to life,” said Smith. “The business originally started with [the owner’s] father and she used what he taught her to completely flip the business and make it so much more than your average furniture store. But they were struggling with website functionality and understanding the digital space and how consumers are shopping today.”

Solution: Use AdMall’s market intelligence tools to make her case

Smith, who has won the Sell Smarter! Award in the past, knew that AdMall could make her case for her. She turned to AdMall’s Consumer Demographics and AudienceSCAN reports for furniture shoppers to show what the digital advertising use landscape looked like for their target audience.

From that research, Smith came up with a campaign that consisted of SEM, SEO, website ads, targeted social ads, e‑blasts and more weekly print ads.

Result: A client eager to get started

The furniture business had been working with a direct competitor, but after a bad working relationship, Smith stepped in to save the day. They ended up rebuilding the client’s website, along with selling advertising over multiple digital and print media platforms.

According to Smith, “She has already made comments about how well we are handling the new campaign and being hands-​on with her website.” The final upgrade totaled $979, but there’s room for growth, and should they sign on for more, it will be for an additional $858 a month.