Mental Health Professionals to Promote Services

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Americans tend to think about their physical well-​being more often than their mental well-​being. Three quarters (76%) of Americans say they think about their physical well-​being often or very often, compared to 57% who say the same about their mental health, reports Ipsos."

"Women are more likely to think about their mental health than men (64% versus 50%), as are those under 35 years of age (70%, compared to 58% aged 35–49, and 45% aged 50–74%)."

"While they may not think about their mental well-​being as often, the vast majority say their mental and physical well-​being are equally important. However, they do not believe the American health care system reflects this. Eight in 10 (81%) believe that mental health is as important as physical health. Only 23% say that the health care system treats them as equally important, and three in five Americans (61%) say physical health is given more focus."

"Most Americans support the treatment of mental health. Seven in 10 believe that seeing a mental health professional is a sign of strength (71%), and people should adopt a more tolerant attitude towards people with mental illness (69%). These figures vary somewhat in different demographic groups. Almost three-​quarters of women (73%) agree that mental health is a disease like any other, nine percentage points higher than the proportion of men who agree (64%). Those with high education are also more likely to agree with this statement (65% among those with less education versus 74% among those with higher education)."

'Americans see the importance of mental health and they are trying to break down the stigma around the topic,' said Jennifer Berg, Research Director at Ipsos. 'However, they don’t feel the U.S. health care system is putting the same focus on the issue.'”

With mental health awareness on the rise, now is the prime time for mental health professionals to advertise their services. Last year, according to AudienceSCAN, Psychologist/​Counseling Patients were motivated to action by TV commercials, direct mail ads, email ads and ads on both digital and over-​the-​air radio. They're also 84% more likely than others to find advertisements on social media useful and 67% more likely to find advertising on their mobile apps useful.

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