Mindful Pitch Planning Is Worth Every Minute

BY Jessica Helinski
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Mindful crafting of a sales pitch, while taking time, can also lead to winning results. Putting aside notable thought and effort for each pitch you make will help you appeal to today’s buyers, who are quite different than those of the past. Maurice DeCastro, in an article for Business2Community, discusses the importance of mindful pitching, pointing out that today’s buyers require a thoughtful approach. In general, they are: 

  • Information-​rich
  • Time-​poor
  • Very discerning
  • Less tolerant

And, in addition to discerning buyers, salespeople must also deal with evolved challenges, such as:

  • Highly skilled ‘gatekeepers
  • Elusive decision-​makers
  • Preferred supplier lists
  • The economy 

With all of this in mind, it makes sense that a mindful approach to pitching is required. As DeCastro notes, “The sales pitch isn’t easy today but a mindful approach can make all the difference.”

Mindful pitching in seven steps

First, to create a mindful sales pitch, you must set your intention. Your pitch should do so much more than just sell your product or service; you need to create an emotional connection with the prospect to get their attention and gain their interest. “Setting a clear intention for how you want them to feel about you and your product or service is critica,” DeCastro writes. “Once you are clear on how you want them to feel everything you say and show should revolve around that intention.” Intentions are the foundation of mindful pitches.

After setting your intention, your next step is to show the future. Paint a picture of what the prospect will be investing in, showcasing how their future will look and feel after using what you’re selling. Be sure to spend time on this step because your efforts won’t go unnoticed. “Use your time mindfully to take your audience to the future; don’t just tell them, show them what it looks like,” DeCastro writes. 

Mindful pitching also requires that you plan for each second you get in front of the prospect. “If you craft your sales pitch in the belief that you have a few minutes to make a strong impression you are mistaken,” he explains. “Every second counts and needs to be used mindfully to capture and keep your audience’s attention, interest and curiosity.” He encourages salespeople, when pitching, to immediately showcase the value you can bring rather than introductions and small talk. Get their attention first with the value, then they will want to learn more about you.

When creating a mindful pitch, make sure that it’s personal. Before the pitch, do everything you can to learn as much as you can about the prospect, their company and their industry. The internet is an incredible resource for information gathering, and DeCastro encourages reps to reach out by phone as well; conversations can uncover valuable insights as well. And just as important, thoughtfully consider how to weave this information into your pitch. “Finding out all of this information on its own isn’t enough,” he writes. “Find something of relevance and value that you can refer to in your sales pitch. Craft your sales pitch with a mindset of making everything you say and show personal to your audience in some way.”

These, along with the remaining steps, will help you create a mindful sales pitch that will speak to today’s buyers. While it may take time to thoughtfully put together, mindful pitches will set you apart from other vendors while capturing buyers’ interest and promoting the value you offer. In other words, it will be worth your time. As DeCastro suggests, “Instead of investing your time and energy on closing the sale and overcoming objections as many sales professionals do, give your buyers the gift of the mindful sales pitch.”