Mom and Pop Company Feels the (Digital) Love

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Create an advertising plan for a company with no digital footprint

Holidays are always a lucrative time of year for businesses and Valentine’s Day is no exception. As one of the biggest shopping days of the year, it’s a prime market for advertisers, not to mention the perfect time to approach new clients. 

Such was the case for Baretta Taylor, Advertising Director for the Decatur Daily. Framing his pitch around the chocolate-​filled day, the 19-​year veteran of media sales approached a local adult novelties business that had never before run a digital ad campaign. 

[They] did not have an online digital display presence,” said Taylor. “We discovered this from running digital audits on each prospect that we presented to. The promotion was a true promo to increase lead generation and social media growth.”

Solution: Find the most well-​rounded intelligence available on the business

To start, Taylor presented an AdMall Digital Audit report of the business, with tailored data highlighting current needs and potential areas of opportunity. 

I have generated most of my new revenue prospects for discovery calls using [the Digital Audit and co-​op funding intelligence reports],” said Taylor. “Clients are always impressed with the detailed review and findings that usually they are not aware of.”

After sharing the report, Taylor used the data to create a special Valentine’s Day campaign, comprising, among other things, a contest with 300 x 250 digital display sponsorship placement on the contest landing pages, digital mentions on the contest page as well as in-​paper shared ROP on the contest promotion campaigns and social mentions along with an email blast to contestants who opt-​into their newsletter.

Result: A sweet increase in both web and foot traffic

By all accounts, the campaign was a rousing success, earning thousands of dollars. Taylor’s V‑Day approach, aided by AdMall, helped the business increase foot traffic to the store. In addition, page view analytics showed an increased number of click-​throughs. All in all, not bad for a company that never had any digital advertising!