Sell Smarter 01: All-​New Sell Smarter Video Podcast Debut!

BY Courtney Huckabay
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In this episode of the Sell Smarter podcast we discuss dangerous sales myths and customer loyalty outside the sale.


Hello there, I’m Doug LESSELLS. WELCOME to the NEW Sell Smarter podcast from SalesFuel! We’re taking your sales to the NEXT LEVEL every month with our top tips and WINNING STRATEGIES so you can re-​energize and engage in just three short minutes.


Salespeople may be making mistakes, or missing OPPORTUNITIES, by believing common sales MYTHS, says HubSpot writer Tony Hughes. He shares myths that are WIDESPREAD in the sales industry and explains why each should be DISREGARDED.

Here are a few:

  • The phone is dead.
    Despite many believing the phone is losing its POWER, the telephone is actually VERY IMPORTANT in every stage of the sales process.
  • The MORE calls you make, the more CONNECTIONS you’ll have.
    You’ll likely only connect with three or FOUR people out of every HUNDRED calls. To stand OUT, use sequences of short VOICEmails, texts, emails, and SOCIAL touches. And your odds go up DRAMATICALLY if you get the prospect’s MOBILE phone number.
  • EXTROVERTS are the winners in sales.
    Being a “PEOPLE person” DOESN’T automatically make one a successful SALESperson. Being able to express VALUE, rather than just persuade, marks a TRUE sales winner.
  • If you miss quota, it’s all your fault.
    There are a LOT of other factors that go into a missed quota. While reps should always take PERSONAL responsibility, there are usually OTHER FACTORS involved. Many companies have broken CULTURES, bad MANAGEMENT, and products that would NEVER sell in ANY market.

In sales, it’s important to separate fact from FICTION. You might discover the latest trend everyone’s touting ISN’T so effective after all. On the FLIP side, trying out a NEW technique might lead to AMAZING RESULTS.


Client loyalty stems from what you do for your clients when you don’t HAVE to. Here are a few tips HOW to, based on Selling Power’s article, “Nine Simple Tips to Keep Customers on Your Side.”

  1. Be that salesperson who takes the time to express how much you enjoyed WORKING TOGETHER. A SPOKEN appreciation of how well you work together makes a THANK YOU note more personal and is bound to make your client more COMFORTABLE when considering working with you in the FUTURE.
  2. Ask for FEEDBACK on how you DID during the transaction. What could you have done BETTER? What did your client enjoy the most about your SERVICE? This feedback will IMPROVE your service and will show your client that her SATISFACTION with your service is MEANINGFUL to you.
  3. Keep reaching OUT to your client every now and then, even when there ISN’T a pressing REASON to. Ask her how your PRODUCT or service is WORKING for her or share some HELPFUL INFORMATION that may be of interest. It keeps you TOP-​of-​mind and shows that you CARE about the service you give more than MONEY.
  4. Remember PERSONAL occasions too. Send her a small gift on her BIRTHDAY, a CARD on major holidays, or a CONGRATULATORY EMAIL when her company ACHIEVES something. Bridge the gap between you as a SALESPERSON, and you as a HUMAN.

That’s it for THIS edition of the Sell Smarter podcast. Remember, you can always get MORE great insights every day at SalesFuel​.com and from the SalesFuel MOBILE app.