One Agency’s Loss is an $80,000 Gain for Media Sales Rep

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Car dealership changes the way it handles cooperative advertising

When making sales calls, reps are no strangers to the phrase “cutting costs.” And Desert Sun media sales strategist Lindsay Ortiz was no exception when calling on a local car dealership. The dealership was doing just that, after having recently let go of the marketing agency handling all of its co-​op approvals and submissions.

However, having been in media sales for 14 years, Ortiz knew that with the right approach and sales tools, she would still be able to get through to this business owner. She knew she could make them understand that cutting costs in one area meant freeing up funds for another, so she enlisted the help of AdMall’s Co-​op Source Reports.

I like having the ability to see all the co-​op offers available to clients and the digital audit features,” said Ortiz. “These things allow me to plan and prepare before seeing a client.”

Solution: Make the middleman obsolete

The dealership had already taken the first step by giving the marketing agency the boot. This gave Ortiz the advantage of dealing directly with her client for a more streamlined relationship. Ortiz was able to view the full details of co-​op programs available on AdMall and translate that information into a solid game plan for the dealer.

I used the co-​op information to help close the sale,” said Ortiz. “I was able to find offers, contacts, etc., making the process seamless for the client.”

By agreeing to submit all co-​op for pre-​approval and reimbursement, Ortiz convinced the client to allocate money for SEO, site re-​targeting, cars​.com and print. Overall, the deal amounted to $79,332 in advertising.

Without the help of AdMall PRO and the co-​op details, the process would have been much harder,” said Oritz.

Result: Getting more mileage for less

Sometimes, what starts out as a negative, in this case, dropping a marketing agency, can completely be turned around. With the right timing and approach, Ortiz was able to offer her client peace of mind with an easier way to get access to co-​op dollars. Since then, she has continued to refer to AdMall as a source for future business opportunities and a product that helps kick her career into high gear.

AdMall PRO consistently keeps me up to date with my automotive dealers by sending me emails with the latest updates, news and tips,” said Ortiz. “I use this information as talk tracks to help me get in the door and open opportunity for more sales.”