Perfect Your Pitch With These Smart Steps

BY Jessica Helinski
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Looking to improve your sales pitches? Considering the pitch is a vital part of the process, you will likely benefit from giving your strategy a refresher. Recently, Sales Hacker featured an article written by Lisa Matthews that shared several ways to freshen up your pitch. “Prospects expect sales pitches to be highly personalized,” she writes. “But with the rise of automation tools, sales is more of a “numbers game” than ever, so personalizing a pitch can seem like an impossible task.” She highlights seven different sales pitch tips and tactics and includes examples to show each in action. 

Sales Pitch Example #1: Reference Past Conversations

Most likely, you’ve had substantial contact with the prospect before you pitch, so why not use that rapport to kickstart the pitch? Reference past discussions to reinforce your connection and remind them of your familiarity with their business. Use past notes to pull out any particular quotes or conversation points that would make a great intro. As Matthews points out, “…we always start our pitch with a review of the most important things we’ve already learned about the prospect and their pain points.”

Sales Pitch Example #5: Anchor Your Pitch in Data

Your claims will have a lot more impact if they’re backed with concrete data. Use reputable research, either others’ or your own, that will help the buyer draw their own informed conclusion. “Boiling down exposition and concentrating on driving home quantitative evidence is a great way to showcase the prevalence and significance of the problem your product addresses,” she explains.” This is key in perking up the ears of your prospect and setting the scene for a memorable sales pitch.”

These are only two of the helpful tips that she shares; be sure to read the entire article for all of the tips, as well as the examples, that lend context. Give your next prospect the personalized and informative pitch they want!