Podcast Listeners' Numbers are Growing

BY Rachel Cagle
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How many podcasts do you or your friends listen to on a daily basis? It’s a growing trend among Americans. According to Nielsen’s Podcast Content is Growing Audio Engagement report, the number of podcast listeners has a compound average growth rate of 20% over the last few years.

Podcasts are most popular when leisure screen viewing isn’t an option. For heavy (daily) podcast listeners, the most popular place to listen to podcasts is while the listeners are driving or in transit in some other way, followed by when they’re at work or other places, such as the gym. Light listeners, however, prefer to listen to podcasts in their homes, then in transit, and finally, in other places such as at gyms and at work.

You may think this is taking away from other audio media consumption, but it’s not. In fact, according to Nielsen, light podcast listeners still tune in to the radio for an average of 10 hours and 13 minutes on a weekly basis. Likewise, heavy listeners listen to an average of 10 hours and 35 minutes of broadcast radio every week. Both types of listeners have higher listening averages than Americans as a whole.

That means audio-​based advertisements are excellent ways to target podcast listeners. But who are these consumers? According to the Podcast Listeners audience profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, 16.2% of U.S. adults fall into this category. On their audience profile, you can find out more demographic information about these listeners, as well as what they plan to purchase within the next year and which marketing media they respond best to. If your clients are focused on audio advertising specifically, you can also check out the Podcast Ad Responders and Radio Ad Responders audience profiles. And remember, radio isn’t just popular among the podcast crowd; Americans as a whole love it.