Powerful Presentation Perfects the Sale for McDowell News

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: Funeral home director goes solo with his own business

Tiffany Coates, a multi-​media sales executive for McDowell News, saw an opportunity with a growing business in her community of Marion, NC. She knew a local funeral director had been working out of another funeral home in another county while waiting on his own to be built.

The owner is a wonderful person. He has been in the funeral business for almost 20 years before venturing out on his own. The owner and his wife are very compassionate and are very involved in this community,” Coates explained.

Solution: Competitive analysis shows how he can stand out in the crowd

Coates began researching the funeral home category through AdMall. The Local Account Intelligence Report gave her information on surrounding funeral homes, as well as stats she could use in her presentation to the up-​start owner.

With AdMall, I was able to give him facts about his business and competitors that I would not have known without AdMall,” Coates admitted. “I created a PowerPoint presentation with AdMall and presented him with [our] Find It Local [digital ad] options, as well as print options and he agreed to both!”

Result: $599 in new “tradigital” business for McDowell News

McDowell News’ “Find It Local” digital offering is a directory listing paired with a mini website and banner impressions for clients. Coates explained that it helps with search and organic search on google and other engines.

They started with print ads only, then we moved to obit newsletter sponsorship, and the obit page on our website!” the 12-​year media seller said.

I have been using AdMall almost three years. My favorite part is the help with presentations and I also love the co-​op help it gives.”

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