Reengage Leads With These Tips

BY Jessica Helinski
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Efforts to reengage leads can be just as important to success as focusing only on the newest opportunities. While it’s exciting to seek out new leads, don’t always give up on older ones. They may still lead to a lucrative deal.

How to Reengage Leads And Win Their Business

Before you immediately chase down past leads, make sure they are worth pursuing again. There may be ones that fell through for a reason. Whether due to budget or not being a good fit, you should identify which ones to leave in the past. 

The professionals at Abstrakt Marketing Group agree and emphasize the importance of this step. 

Analyze and understand past mistakes or gaps in motivation that prevented this sales conversation from moving forward.”

This, Flori Needle writes, “[helps] you focus on high-​impact strategies that are more likely to drive a sale.”

Once you’ve identified the leads most qualified to pursue, it’s time to refamiliarize yourself with their business. Abstrakt Marketing Group recommends asking yourself: 

  • Who is this person? 
  • How did you find them, or how did they find you? 
  • What made them interested in your products and services? 
  • What ended the sales conversation originally? 

As they write, “the more information you gather, the more context you’ll have to draft your forthcoming messages.”

Choose A Reason For Reaching Out

To encourage a response when trying to reengage leads, be strategic. See if there have been any recent trigger events for them or their company. 

Take a look at their LinkedIn profile, website, blog posts, and industry news to find triggers. These conversation starters may include a merger or new leader. 

Use this event as a reason to reach out again, Needle suggests. “Remind them that you’re there to support them through a change they’re experiencing,” she writes.

Or, as Abstrakt Marketing Group advises, find a way to offer value. It may be sharing the news of a new feature that may now be relevant to their needs. Or it simply could be a news article that would be of interest. 

Regardless of how you make contact again, make sure your outreach is personalized. You’ve already established a basic relationship with them. Build on that to recapture their interest.

 Keep the Focus On Them

Once you do reconnect, it’s important to not immediately begin pitching all over again. You need to keep the focus on the previously built relationship and their current needs. Take time now to uncover what is happening in their environment. 

Writing for LinkedIn, Justin McGill encourages sellers to actively listen to uncover potential opportunities for need. 

Specifically, he suggests listening for:

  • Needs expressed (that you can solve)
  • Frustrations (with their current solution)
  • Demeanor (are they irritated you’ve called back?)

See if any of these insights align with anything new happening with your solution, such as a new feature. 

And don’t be afraid to revisit what led to the relationship going dark. Use their response to adjust your strategy to better fit their needs and preferences. 

Don’t Rush

Getting a response when trying to reengage leads is a great sign that the sale could still happen. Just don’t make the mistake of rushing things or being pushy

If you nurture the relationship, address new needs and consistently show value, the sale is likely to happen this time. While it’s exciting to get another chance, don’t blow it by being too aggressive. 

As Needle writes, “a lost lead isn’t necessarily a lost customer.” Integrate these tips into your strategy and take it slow. You may be able to turn a lost opportunity into a big win in the end.

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