Rep closes $40,000 deal using AdMall’s Audience Targeting Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Regain an old client

Closing a sale is challenging enough. But reselling to a former client who hasn’t bought in more than two years? Now, that requires something extra. But for Sales Executive Pamela LaPierre, of WSBT-​TV in Mishawaka, Indiana, the payoff was worth the added effort. The 25-​year veteran of media sales had not only her experience to rely on, but she also had been using AdMall for half that time. And so, she was more than prepared when it came time to meet with a local home maintenance business.

This client was active over two years ago,” said LaPierre. “He took that time to build a home improvement component into the home maintenance and repair business that he currently had.”

Solution: Target the customer demographic in the company’s area

In order to appeal to her former client, LaPierre used AdMall’s AudienceSCAN and Local Account Intelligence Reports to show how he could reach customers in order to highlight and grow the new home improvement division of the business. 

 “He was impressed that we had this type of research to validate his consumers in our market,” said LaPierre.

Using this data, the focus of the advertising campaign centered on image and branding. Specifically, LaPierre created two TV spots, one focused on remodeling and the other on the company’s new lifestyle center.

Result: Close a sale for more than $40,000

The final amount of the sale, more than $40,000, speaks for itself. And the owner is happy too. According to him, the business is doing great and, as a result, he renewed the campaign from last year through the first quarter of 2019.