Retailers to Promote Preventative Eye and Ear Care Products

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Surprisingly, consumers do not pay much attention to their eyes and ears — that is until something goes wrong," says Drug Store News. "Then, they cannot find enough products to solve their issues. Now, manufacturers are hoping to change that."

"These companies are innovating and developing new products that solve problems that not only save consumers a trip to the doctor’s office, but drive these shoppers into stores," says Drug Store News.

Preventative ear care is something consumers can benefit greatly from. Q‑Tips say right on the packaging that they should not be used for cleaning ears as they can cause damage. Instead, consumers should turn to the professional cleaning products such as earwax cleaning and removal tools, such as oil drops and water cleansers.

There are also preventative care items for eyes. Not only are consumers looking for products to keep their eyes healthy, many also want to keep their contact lenses in top performance shape. Eye drops that offer several kinds of relief are exceedingly popular among Americans. There are also vitamins that can help with eye health.

According to AudienceSCAN, last month, 46.9% of Eyecare Patients used the internet to research health or medical information. While 30% took action after seeing sponsored search results during their searches, advertisements can provide these consumers with information they need without performing general searches.

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