Roofing Company Finally Responds When Shown AudienceSCAN Research

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Getting a response from the roofing client

There are not many things worse than being ghosted. Whether it’s business or personal, the feeling of being completely ignored is, simply put, awful. For Dianna Humphreys, a multi-​media sales consultant for The News-​Press Media Group, this was exactly what happened when she approached a local roofing company.

I had a presentation with a roofing company back in March 2021,” said Humphreys. “Typically, I will use the AudienceSCAN report in my presentations, but on this occasion [I] did not. After a week, I tried following up via phone, however, the customer was ghosting me.”

According to Humphreys, the lack of insightful AdMall AudienceSCAN data, along with the company having tried other advertising campaigns in the past that had failed, were the reasons the roofing prospect ignored her calls.

Solution: Show the AudienceSCAN data

The solution to Humphrey’s problem was clear. She just had to show the data she failed to include in her initial presentation, AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profiles, and she knew the result she wanted would manifest itself.

When I sent my follow-​up email, I showed the client the AudienceSCAN profile for roofing shoppers, highlighting the various audience responses that mirrored my recommendations,” said Humphreys. “It [the data] tells a very quick story and supports what I proposed as a solution. The ‘advertising response in the last 12 months’ was the [most beneficial] part. Being able to show audience response and comparing [how your recommended media format stacks up against] a billboard or ad in movie theater really resonates with clients.” 

Result: An impressed roofing company and sale closed

Humphreys is clear about how AudienceSCAN profiles and data have helped her sales process.

The [AudienceSCAN data] resulted in a follow-​up appointment with the roof company, and I sold a solution that included search, social ads, etc.,” said Humphreys. “The client let me know that he was on the fence until I sent that report.”

The final total for the contract was $9,445. Humphreys is a veteran to the sales game. She has been in sales for 22 years and been an avid user of AdMall for the last 20. Humphreys has recommendations for any AdMall user that maybe not utilizing the product as much as they should.

AdMall can really be a game changer,” said Humphreys. “Good sales come from educating your clients and using reliable resources to back up your recommendations. AdMall does just that. There are so many parts of AdMall that I like, however I love the AudienceSCAN.”

According to Humphreys, it wasn’t too hard for her to get used to the product either.

I had training years ago and refresher training several months ago. I just continually “poke around” in there. There is always useful information to support your recommendations to your clients and information to learn about their vertical, etc.”

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