Sales Coaching Solutions for Gen Z

BY Tim Londergan
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Born after 1995, the older members of Generation Z are now entering young adulthood and your company’s workforce. Though they share characteristics with millennials, their formative years have been shaped by a different world. They will be the last generation that is predominantly white, they are native to digital technology and they watched their parents take huge financial hits during the Great Recession. Do not make the mistake of assuming they are distracted, spoiled and impulsive. Certain characteristics show that they can be a sales manager’s ideal candidate, as long as your sales managers get trained on how to oversee these employees. The proper coaching solutions for Gen Z can have a huge impact on your company as you help them shape the future.

To communicate effectively with Gen Z members entering the workforce, you need to understand what motivates and activates them. Concordia at St. Paul has provided a resource that capsulizes these points in an engaging infographic. In addition, an interview with Forbes Council Members advises us of how to prepare for the arrival of Gen Z workers.

Surprisingly, the Concordia study shows that Generation Z exhibits many of the characteristics of their grandparents. Privacy, cautiousness, practicality and mindfulness separate them from millennials. 70% describe salary as their top motivator. They are proven to be hard workers, which is great for sales. However, recruiting and retaining them will require intimate knowledge of their essence. Drawing from both articles, you will find some key coaching solutions for Gen Z listed below.

Coach rather than manage

This is a generation that wants to collaborate. They were raised in organized activities. These workers take responsibility for their career. Moreover, they will put in extra hours if they are rewarded for it. You must help them to turn inward to discover the right answers. Self-​discovered solutions create greater buy-in.

Respect the individual

Gen Z workers look for purpose and self-​realization. Know their passions and direct their energy toward mutually beneficial tasks. These young workers expect phones and laptops, but they desire a culture that provides social experiences in the workplace and beyond. Managers should check in with their Gen Z sellers every single day, even if just to ask how they are doing. Near constant feedback will help reassure and retain these members of your sales team.

Flexibility is key

Aside from generous compensation, Gen Z sellers require flexible schedules, advancement opportunities and remote-​work arrangements. Younger generations have higher expectations when it comes to work-​life balance. 42% want to have their own business someday. They are aware that it is reasonable to work nights and weekends to be successful.

Create a journey

Among the coaching solutions for Gen Z are the opportunities to paint a compelling picture of the future and an authentic strategy to get there. Generation Z will storm the workforce loaded with ideas. As you bring them into your sales force you must provide opportunities for them to learn through an inclusive community setting. You should establish mentor programs, shared training and built-​in accountability. Proper coaching solutions for Gen Z will foster their natural curiosity and make them an integral part of your company culture.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels