Sales Rep Uses AdMall to Help Struggling Furniture Store to Rebrand

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: A business in crisis

Change can be a good thing, but too much change all at once can spell ruin for a business. This was the situation Cota Walls found herself facing when she began courting a local furniture store. The regional digital sales specialist for The Statesville Record & Landmark saw the telltale signs of a company in trouble. Namely, a complete overhaul, including an ownership change, along with operating under a new banner. In fact, since it first opened, the company had undergone three name changes and two physical store locations.

To make matters worse, the ex-​manager had started a new business less than two miles down the road, selling the exact same products. He also had access to his former job’s Facebook page, so after leaving, he went so far as to commandeer the page and change the name to his new storefront.

Needless to say, the business was in a complete state of disarray, to say nothing of its digital presence. In the world of competitive consumerism, this was akin to a death sentence.

Solution: Clean up their digital space

By using AdMall’s Digital Audit, Walls was able to show her potential clients just how much business they were losing out on by having three different business names and two different addresses associated with them online. Customers want an easy shopping experience and will move on to the next business listing when they encounter confusing details.

When I was able to show them how many people check out a business in their industry online before purchasing, they realized there was an immediate need for our products/​services,” said Walls.

Result: An instant sale and a reinvigorated company

Walls and the furniture store now have a great working relationship with the shared goal of cohesive rebranding. As one example of the new plan, Walls came up with a contest to help promote the store’s open houses and introduce its new owners. The contest included local and targeted banner ads, email marketing and Facebook ads.

The client is super happy with our research and our ability to present a solution that we can implement in stages,” said Walls. “It is truly a combined effort to rebrand the business, clean up their online reputation as well as continue to drive foot traffic into their store so that the community can see the changes that have been made.”