Sales Triggers: How to Identify These Major Opportunities

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sales triggers are events that demonstrate a strong immediate need to buy. While some triggers may be obvious, many are subtle. Reps need to be able to recognize these triggers so that they can take advantage of the opportunity to create urgency. Not sure how to identify a sales trigger? No problem, as Sales Hacker recently shared seven to watch for and how to use them to close a deal. Below are a few examples from Matt Sornson’s blog post:

Management shake-​ups.

This may be one of the more obvious triggers. New leadership often means new initiatives, projects, and new budget allocations. It’s the perfect time to align your product or service with the company’s future plans. Sornson recommends keeping an eye on key accounts for any big changes. One way to do that is to follow customers and prospects on LinkedIn or use digital tools to monitor comings and goings in certain companies.

New tool adoption.

Take notice when a prospect suddenly is adopting new tools, especially if any of those tools integrate with one of your own. Both present great opportunities to reach out and start a dialogue with the prospect. Likely, he or she is open to making more changes and has the money to do it. If one of the new products or services happen to be from a competitor, monitor the relationship so you can swoop in at an opportune time.

Company expansion.

When a company expands, it pretty much always means it has money to spend. Sornson suggests building a list of accounts that includes automated alerts for any expansion events. Monitor the prospect’s website or job hiring websites for notices of new hiring. Also, keep track of the company’s latest articles and blog posts for signs of expansion or other growth.

Establishing urgency is the biggest barrier to successful selling,” Sornson writes. “Sales triggers provide the key to nudging prospects over the line.” With a little extra effort and detective work, you can uncover those triggers and use them to close.