SalesFuel Expands Partnership with Digital First Media, Providing AdMall® PRO Product

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SalesFuel®’s data and research tools now fuel sales at all major newspaper companies in the U.S.

SalesFuel is pleased to announce their expanded relationship with Digital First Media, who has secured a corporate subscription to SalesFuel’s AdMall PRO product.

AdMall is the sales intelligence leader for local media & digital marketing used by more than 3,000 media properties. It ensures account executives are prepared to speak intelligently about every advertiser's line of business, their customers, competitors and sales-​building opportunities.

Digital First says the driving factor for the purchase on the client side was the “Digital Audit” feature of AdMall PRO. This provides a real-​time data capture of a client’s or prospect’s digital presence in less than a minute, while incorporating category-​specific audience behavior within the analysis. AdMall PRO also provides sales teams with access to category intelligence, presentation development, a co-​op database, and thematic mapping to complete the sales conversation.

This partnership represents a major benchmark in the growth of our company”, says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith. “Adding all of Digital First to our stable of clients including Gannett, McClatchy, Gatehouse, CNHI and BH Media means we can count virtually every large newspaper company in the country as corporate AdMall clients. This shows the power our products have in helping sales teams hit revenue goals and to find new ways to sell. Digital revenue is the future and all reps need to know how to close that business.”

Previously, SalesFuel had the MediaNews Group division of Digital First Media as an AdMall client. This new contract at Digital First Media adds all of the MediaNews Group properties with an upgrade to AdMall PRO and also adds the entire 21st Century Media group (formerly Journal-​Register) as brand new AdMall PRO clients.

Digital First Media has 800 multi-​media platforms including web, mobile, social and print. Its assets have won a combined 49 Pulitzers, employ more than 10,000 people and serve more than 75 million customers monthly.