SalesFuel's® “Manage Smarter®” Podcast is selected as a Showcase Show on C‑Suite Radio Network

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SalesFuel is proud to announce its “Manage Smarter” Podcast has joined the C‑Suite Radio Network, the premier source for the world’s leading business podcasts for C‑suite leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs. Featuring premium content from top thought leaders, C‑Suite Radio is designed to increase knowledge, deepen understanding, and build skills to enhance listeners’ personal and professional lives.

Manage Smarter is available now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other platforms. The show’s website is www​.managesmarter​.com. Episodes can also be found on the C‑Suite Radio Network show page at https://www.c‑

Hosted by SalesFuel’s CEO C. Lee Smith and Director of Communications Audrey Strong, the show is dedicated to helping managers and leaders "Manage Smarter.” It's a frank discussion of the various scenarios and challenges facing today's managers. It addresses the metrics, strategies and solutions needed to improve team performance, employee satisfaction, overall company performance and company culture. Superstar guests have included Brian Tracy, Lou Diamond, and Deb Calvert. Upcoming marquee guests will include Jeffrey Gitomer, Steve Sisler as well as Heather Monahan and Jennifer Gluckow. 

SalesFuel CEO Smith explains, “Joining C‑Suite Radio Network is the logical next step for the podcast since the core audience is professionals with a strong interest in expanding managerial and leadership skills to drive more positive business results. We’re pleased our show and guests are contributing to that end.”

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