Sell Smarter Award Highlights Digital Audit and AudienceSCAN

BY Adam Ambro
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Hi. I'm Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to this month's featured Sell Smarter Award — where we honor excellence in media sales.

A small medical practice in Minden, Nevada was highly regarded in the community for its friendly and knowledgeable service. The only trouble was that the doctor rarely advertised, and so that stellar reputation was only known in the immediate local community. 

This is a doctor that only did one print ad in one of our community magazines year after year,” said Business Development Manager Jess Rackley, of the Record Courier. “She was never interested in doing anything else until I was able to show her real numbers.” 

To get that information, Rackley turned to several AdMall sales tools, the first being the Digital Audit. Not only did she run an audit on the doctor’s practice, but she was also able to use the competitive analysis tool to show what comparable businesses in the area were doing. Rackley then combined those results with the Potential Doctor Switchers AudienceSCAN report to create a fuller picture of the client and her target demographic. 

She was fascinated with all the data I was able to show her with regards to not only her business, but what her competitors were currently doing as well,” said Rackley. 

Soon after, an agreement was reached, and Rackley developed a campaign consisting of search engine marketing, social media management with ad spend, and reputation management.

According to Rackley, “AdMall helped me grow my book of business with this client from $1,500 a year to over $17,000.”

Congratulations to Jess, along with the other Sell Smarter Award recipients: Crystal Bass of Comcast Spotlight and Michelle Rutledge of The Journal Star.

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