Sell Smarter 12: Smarter Networking

BY Audrey Strong
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Hello there, I’m Doug LESSELLS. WELCOME to the Sell Smarter podcast from SalesFuel! We’re taking your sales to the NEXT LEVEL every month with our top tips and WINNING STRATEGIES so you can re-​ENergize and en-​GAGE in just three short minutes.

Are you just not a “NETWORKING” person? Does the idea of attending events make you CRINGE? FullContact’s Ed Zitron can relate. In an article for Mattermark, he highlights the best venues where your networking can be more PERSONAL and EFFECTIVE. Try one-​on-​ONE or an intimate DINNER with no more than EIGHT like-​minded people. Consider casual DRINKS at a place everyone likes and can hear each other. Or, if you’re at a CONFERENCE, find a private room or at least off away from the crowds. Unsure how to get past the generic, FREE-​for-​all of today’s networking events? Zitro suggests you try and get an INTRODUCTION, then ask to meet her for coffee or drinks. Zitro points out that RARELY will you close a deal in just ONE meeting. So after the INITIAL meeting at an event, try to set up a SECOND meeting that is just one-​on-​ONE. Removed from a crowd and in a NON-​work-​related environment, you have a BETTER chance of having a quality discussion. Zitro also suggests you DON’T set an agenda. Instead, have an IDEA of what you hope to ACCOMPLISH with the meeting and a HOPED-​FOR outcome. “This meeting is not going to get you EXACTLY what you want, ever.” So be flexible and leave the strict agenda for another time.

"Face-​to-​face networking is still the backbone of making genuine connections that lead to relationships and sales."
Jennifer Gluckow, Sales in a NY Minute

Some salespeople LOVE networking events, while others LOATHE them. For the latter, Forbes writer Carrie Kerpen has great tips for ensuring your NEXT networking event isn’t NEARLY as awkward and uncomfortable: ***Go ALONE*** Yes, having at least one coworker or friend with you is REASSURING, but you’ll also be less likely to MINGLE. Kerpen says going solo is the better choice because it FORCES you to get over the awkwardness, meet someone NEW, and accomplish what you CAME there to do: NETWORK. ***Keep One Hand FREE*** At most events, drinks and food are served, but eat and drink SEPARATELY. Greeting someone while trying to balance both food and a drink is NOT EASY. So, simply be mindful of always keeping ONE HAND FREE so that you’re prepared for a proper HANDSHAKE. These tips will make your next event less awkward, so you can focus instead on ACTUALLY MEETING new contacts.

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