Sell Smarter — Episode 21 — Avoiding Autopilot Sales

BY Rachel Cagle
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What’s the number one objection most salespeople face today?

The majority of sales people tend to stick with what works. But are you killing sales by being on autopilot?

I’m Lisa Rigsby and this is Sell Smarter.

Sticking with the same strategy will get old. Your repetitive pitch could be turning off, or even insulting prospects. And that can affect your ability to close the deal.

I recently read a piece in Selling Power reminding us that older prospects might prefer a formal pitch delivered over phone. Millennials are known to prefer email and digital conversation. Your product or service explanation should differ depending on the seniority of the prospect.

And don’t you think you'll get bored delivering the same old pitch the same old way? When you’re on autopilot during sales presentations, you lack energy and enthusiasm. Who wants to buy something that even the salesperson isn’t excited about? Make the adjustments now and Sell Smarter!

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