Sell Smarter — Episode 26 — What Do You Do?

BY Rachel Cagle
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What do you do? And why should I care? 
I’m C. Lee Smith, and this is Sell Smarter. 
Whether you’re at a conference, a party, or just about anywhere else you’ll probably be asked “What do you do?” 

The typical response is to say something like, “I’m an account manager at McGillicuddy and Company.” 
But that’s your title, it’s not what you actually do. Respond like this and you’ve missed a glorious opportunity to share your value prop, what you can do for them. 

You want your answer to generate curiosity. You want that potential prospect to ask a follow-​up like: “How do you do that?” or “Who do you work with?” 

I help sales teams generate more revenue by selling smarter! I also help sales managers avoid making big hiring mistakes.” 

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