Skeptical Powersports Dealer Buys Advertising After Seeing AdMall Co-​op Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Keep up with larger powersports dealers in the market 

Paul Niesen has sold media for over 17 years and, as an account executive with LocaliQ, knew AdMall would be an invaluable resource for him when he approached a local powersports dealer.

The [powersports owner] specializes in ATVs, UTVs, snow mobiles, etc.,” said Niesen. “The owners are incredibly down to earth and very nice to work with. They wanted to know how to take over a larger portion of the market share within their area but were on the fence about starting this large of a campaign.”

Solution: Check for co-​op advertising support using AdMall’s reports

Though Niesen is a veteran of media sales, he only started using AdMall a little over a year ago.

When I first discovered AdMall I dove into it hard for probably 3 hours to learn it as much as I could,” said Niesen. “I use it daily to help new clients as well as existing ones.”

With this in mind, Niesen knew it was time to do some research and find a path to break through with the powersports business.

I was checking on some of their product lines offered and discovered Polaris was currently offering a 50% co-​op opportunity for the next three months. I was also able to specify their specific demographics, target audience and peak time of year for their business.”

Result: An immediate ‘yes,’ and ROI

The minute I contacted the Polaris rep I was able to get the [powersports client] prior year approval,” said Niesen. “When I then reached out to the client, they said yes immediately.”

It was an all-​digital campaign and it allowed me to upsell them to a larger print campaign on top of the digital spend. The sale was $22,500 for the year, plus the extra printing that came with it for another $6,000, for a total of $28,500 a year.”

Niesen immediately heard from the client that their ROI was significantly higher than anticipated. They were now averaging over 40 calls a month that they could then trace back to successful sales.

Niesen also had some general thoughts and recommendations on AdMall that he wanted other reps to hear.

My favorite part [of AdMall] is how it helps me locate co-​op for my current clients, as well as allowing me to prospect for new clients who qualify for that same co-​op I can approach. I love the specific demographics it allows me to present to the clients and it allows me to narrow down what media types I can use for that specific co-op.”

It’s a sales tool that very effectively assists with helping our clients save money and, more importantly, take advantage of co-​op they don’t even know they qualify for. It builds confidence in me as their account executive knowing that I will discover every aspect of every tool out there to help build their ROI and produce results for the next 10–25 years with them.”