Sports Instruction Programs Help Kids Follow Path to Active Adulthood

BY Rachel Cagle
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New England Journal of Medicine estimates that, by age 35, 57% of children who are now two to 19 years-​old will be obese. This is concerning news to the 13.5% of U.S. adults who are the parents of children ages 6–9, according to AudienceSCAN. Luckily, these parents are 29% more likely than average adults to be fitness club and/​or gym members, according to AudienceSCAN. They may be very motivated to make sure their children exercise regularly.

Most of the 30,999 Americans surveyed by Physical Activity Council became active adults after being exposed to physical education (PE) when they were between the ages of six and 17, according to the company's 2018 Participation Report. By generation, this includes 56% of members of Gen Z surveyed, 40.7% of millennials, 36.9% of Gen X and 40.2% of baby boomers.

In addition, 1/​3 of those adults reported being active at least at a healthy level. This third of surveyed adults includes 26.3% of Gen Z members surveyed, 35.4% of millennials, 35% of Gen X and 26.5% of baby boomers.

The Participation Report notes concern in the dwindling amount of PE in schools. "Since PE is a predictor of activity in adulthood and lower-​income households depend on PE as their source of fitness, how is it that PE continues to disappear in schools?"

If kids aren't receiving the PE they need in schools, it's up to their parents to instill in them the motivation to lead active lives. But what kinds of activities can parents encourage to get their kids up and active? More than half of the surveyed members of Gen Z prefer fitness sports (running, swimming, high intensity training, etc.). In addition, 57.1% of Gen Zers enjoy team sports.

AudienceSCAN reports that 21% of parents with children between the ages of 6–9 have household incomes of $75,000 to $99,000. At least 17.9% will pay for child/​daycare services in the next year. Local childcare and daycare centers that also offer PE activities can advertise their programs to these parents via TV; 73.6% of this audience took action after seeing a TV add within the past year. Parents are also 59% more likely to take action based on an outdoor ad/​sign/​billboard they see.

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