State Of TV Media Sales: TV Station Revenues Growing, But Daily Hurdles Still Persist

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New Free White Paper from SalesFuel® Exposes Latest Opportunities and Challenges in Television. 

The 8th “State of TV Media Sales” white paper from AdMall® finds that the state of the industry is good year over year, but there is a lot of room for improvement. 68% of managers say their sales team’s results were up in 2017 (vs. 2016), and most sales teams met or exceeded their sales goal in 2017 (only 44% came up short). 

As the media landscape becomes increasingly fractured and segmented, television media executives, TV sales managers and sales reps across the nation are facing similar obstacles.
AdMall’s survey respondents reveal that revenue is expected to grow despite the challenges. The free downloadable white paper is chock-​full of fascinating data and information, including the following:

• The economic sectors presenting the most revenue opportunities for 2018
• Is it getting easier to sell digital?
• What do survey respondents say about replacing lost revenue? Is it harder or easier this year?
• What’s the predicted rate of revenue growth in 2018?
• What’s the real rate of television sales staff turnover?
• How many TV sales managers are able to hire and retain quality high-​performance salespeople?
• How many sales managers and reps say they don’t have time for professional development and skill improvement for themselves or their team? And WHY they say they don’t have the time. 

You can download the free white paper here.


Methodology: From March 10 through April 8, 2018, AdMall’s parent company, SalesFuel, conducted an online survey of 1,395 media sales managers, executive managers and sales representatives about their perceptions of the current state of the industry. This is our 8th annual State of Media Sales study. For 2018, SalesFuel polled 202 media sales managers with at least one report, 138 executive managers (Owner/​CEO, President, VP, GM, Publisher) and 808 sales representatives (inside or outside) across all types of traditional and digital media. All respondents had to self-​identify as a current employee of a media company in the United States or Canada to become eligible for completing the survey. For the purposes of this white paper, AdMall separated respondents who were selling broadcast television or cable television advertising specifically for its findings. Television respondent breakout is: 66 media sales managers 17 executive managers and 305 sales representatives. 173 people who participated in the survey don’t have have the titles we specifically reference in our methodology however their responses are recorded and included.