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Advertisers Seek Personalized Service from their Media Agencies

Advertisers are clamoring for a better media strategy. Who can blame them? They're busy tracking how digital and traditional formats are performing


Over 40% of Marketers Use Niche Agencies

Agencies can no longer count on the traditional AOR model. Here’s what’s happening in client-agency relationships.


Health Care Marketers Seek Agency Efficiency and Innovation

Consultancies are start to pitch their media buying expertise through the use of technology. While agency business in some industries may be significantly impacted, health care marketers have not yet shifted business to these consultancies.

Agencies Show More Interest in Digital Than TV

TV continues to command more advertising dollars than other media formats. But TV may not be able to maintain its dominant position for long. STRATA’s new survey shows that ad agencies have more interest than ever before in digital formats and this trend threatens traditional TV.


Agencies to Look for Improved Relationships with Marketers

When an enterprise hires an ad agency, both parties have expectations. The marketer anticipates a great ad campaign and higher sales and the agency hopes for a long-term business relationship. Things don’t always work out that way and a new study explains why.

Agencies to Turn to Email When Finding/Nurturing Clients

The recession may be over but that doesn’t mean ad agencies are finding it much easier to sign on new clients or maintain their existing roster. To improve their competitive position, agencies are taking a hard look at their expertise in marketing themselves. They’ve determined that 3 tools outrank all of the others when it comes to building new business.

More Agencies to Target Clients with Wide Suite of Services

If digital is the way of the future, should marketers be using digital agencies to develop their strategies for this channel? The logic might sound appealing but marketers don’t believe that exclusively digital agencies are the way to go. The new data from RSW/US explains why.

CMOs See Technology Advances Threaten Agency-Client Relationships

The recently released State of Marketing report from the CMO Council contains great statistics for anyone looking to understand the direction of the marketing department in larger companies. A key insight from the report addresses the long-established business relationship between ad agencies and their clients. Specifically, several business changes are converging to threaten this relationship.

Marketers looking beyond tradition for online agency expertise

Just as marketers realize they need to shift substantial parts of their ad budgets online, they’re also looking for expert help to manage these campaigns. Should a marketer stay with its traditional agencies and maintain consistency? Or would it make more sense to hire a new agency staffed with people who have proven successes in the digital world?