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Co-op Dollars Harvest Fruitful ROI for Equipment Dealer

Bradley Toy's Town Money Saver franchise serves the rural community of Central Kentucky. He knows his client base well and continuously looks for ways his agricultural advertisers can maximize their campaign dollars. It also helps that he has 27+ years of media sales experience under his belt.

Organic Food Sales and Marketing on the Rise

Consumers are concerned about what they eat and what they feed their children, but household budgets don’t always allow for paying a premium – whether it’s on branded or organic foods. After several difficult years during the recession, more consumers are paying extra to buy organic. In total, the industry is now valued at more than $28.6 billion.

Selling Direct-to-Consumer Farm Produce Requires Memorable Brand Story

The locally grown food movement is expected to reach a value of $7 billion this year. The figure includes sale of produce made directly to consumers as well as to supermarkets and restaurants. Some local growers link the market’s rise to consumers understanding where their food comes from but others say it’s all about smart marketing and there’s more of that to come.

More Food Hubs to Market Fresh Offerings in Food Deserts

As the U.S. focuses on improved nutrition, the Department of Agriculture has identified food deserts, areas where consumers have little access to quality meat and produce. The next step in this process has been to establish food hubs, a new business model which allows small and midsize producers a way to bring their products into local markets. The model has been established in over 100 U.S. cities and towns to date and new marketing initiatives are playing a key role in raising awareness of these efforts.

Produce Marketers Targeting Kids

Complaints about the way food and beverages are promoted to kids are so common these days, it’s almost surprising to come across a positive report on this topic. But earlier this week, the story about physicians giving ‘coupons’ to their patients, especially children, surfaced in the New York Times. Instead of writing prescriptions for medication, several Massachusetts-based physicians are giving coupons worth $1 to use at local farmers’ markets.