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Over 50% of B2B Buyers Want to Do Business With a Strong Brand

The sale comes down to trust. Most impor­tant­ly, the right kind of mar­ket­ing can devel­op a buyer’s sense of trust and get a sales rep through the door for that all-impor­tant first meet­ing.

Depth of brand = depth of success. How deep is yours?

How deep is your brand? You can say any­thing you want about Ama­zon, but you can­not doubt the pow­er and the depth of their brand.

Culture, Brand, Leadership – a Trifecta for Success

There is an epi­dem­ic,” Tony Nuck­olls told the crowd at the Schey Sales Sym­po­sium. “The ‘good enough’ epi­dem­ic is our cur­rent prob­lem.”

Marketers to Emphasize Brand Over Price for Home Improvement Products

Are mar­keters sud­den­ly pay­ing more atten­tion to the dif­fer­ences between the shop­ping habits of men and women? Yes­ter­day, I report­ed on a Kel­ly Blue Book study about gen­der and auto buy­ing. Today, I want to call your atten­tion to an ICR release that shows how brand and price impact deci­sion mak­ing by gen­der in the home improve­ment prod­ucts sec­tor.

Coming Soon: The Musical Dishwasher

Mar­keters have long used sound in their pro­mo­tions. Play­ing a favorite or well-known song in an ad is a great way to snag the atten­tion of today’s busy con­sumers. Mar­keters are begin­ning to real­ize that pro­mot­ing the sound a prod­uct makes can increase adver­tis­ing effec­tive­ness.