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Choose Carefully: Logos can Promote or Destroy a Brand

Regardless of whether you’re creating a brand’s very first logo or redesigning the current one, logos are a crucial part of a brand’s identity. Logos are often the first part of a brand consumers will see and can affect how a customer will view that brand.

Over 50% of B2B Buyers Want to Do Business With a Strong Brand

The sale comes down to trust. Most importantly, the right kind of marketing can develop a buyer’s sense of trust and get a sales rep through the door for that all-important first meeting.

Depth of brand = depth of success. How deep is yours?

How deep is your brand? You can say anything you want about Amazon, but you cannot doubt the power and the depth of their brand.

Culture, Brand, Leadership – a Trifecta for Success

There is an epidemic,” Tony Nuckolls told the crowd at the Schey Sales Symposium. “The ‘good enough’ epidemic is our current problem.”

Marketers to Emphasize Brand Over Price for Home Improvement Products

Are marketers suddenly paying more attention to the differences between the shopping habits of men and women? Yesterday, I reported on a Kelly Blue Book study about gender and auto buying. Today, I want to call your attention to an ICR release that shows how brand and price impact decision making by gender in the home improvement products sector.

Coming Soon: The Musical Dishwasher

Marketers have long used sound in their promotions. Playing a favorite or well-known song in an ad is a great way to snag the attention of today’s busy consumers. Marketers are beginning to realize that promoting the sound a product makes can increase advertising effectiveness.