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How Do You Start Your Sales Calls?

According to a recent article by HubSpot writer Emma Brudner, “Starting off a connect call with "is this a bad time?" creates a plethora of problems that kill the sale out of the gate.”

How to Use Silence in Your Sales Conversations

The next time you’re faced with an awkward silence, avoid the temptation to fill it with rambling. By giving the other person space, you are giving your own words more impact.

Are You A Negotiating Ninja?

When you finally get to the point of negotiating with your prospect, you don’t want to blow it. You can sweat your way through this process, or you can hone your negotiating skills with these tips from Emma Brudner.

Fresh Phrases to Close the Sale

The first thing to consider when closing is whether or not your phrase or question is assumptive. As Emma Brudner points out, it shouldn’t be