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Self-Service Makes up 60% of Car Wash Profits

"Up until a few years ago, wand-bay type car wash properties had declined and fallen out of favor with new investors as well as existing owner/operators. Now that the economy and car wash industry are growing again, this may be a good time to revisit the self-service business model, reports Cash Wash Magazine."

Tire Retailers to Promote Installation Services for Tires Purchased Online

"Miles driven in the U.S. have been rising annually, and with more rubber hitting the road, tire sales have benefited, particularly in the e‑commerce channel. Online dollar sales of tires grew by 34% in the 12 months ending December 2018, according to The NPD Group’s Checkout E‑commerce Tracking. The tire category alone outpaced e‑commerce growth for the total market of automotive products, which was up 33% for the year."

Car Washes to Promote Spring Cleaning Services

"Spring brings blooming flowers, outdoor activities … and the arrival of tree sap. It can drip onto whatever is below, and that can often be your car. Left alone, tree sap can be unsightly at best. At worst, it can damage your car’s paint job and lead to rust, says Consumer Reports."

As Temperatures Rise, Auto Repair Shops can Heat up A/C Check Advertising

Imagine being stuck in traffic on a 90-degree day when your vehicle's air conditioning system malfunctions. With summer heating up, the non-profit Car Care Council recommends that motorists be car care aware and have their A/C system checked to make sure it is working properly.

Drivers Score 76 out of 100 on Routine Maintenance

The new National Car Maintenance Index finds drivers score 76 out of 100 on performing routine car maintenance, showing the nation‰Ûªs drivers maintain their cars well, but there is room for improvement in the year ahead. Best performers are: Those who report having a vehicle service contract

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Consumers Like to Strike a Deal When Purchasing Motor Oil

More motor oil buyers than ever before reported making their purchase at a special discount price, according to The NPD Group. NPD's research also reveals motor oil category discounts seemed to be an effective purchase behavior driver. Eighty-one percent who bought motor oil on deal said they specifically went to the store for that motor oil purchase. In addition, those shoppers were more likely to say they would have made no purchase if their preferred brand were not available (15% compared to 11%). These shoppers were five times as likely to say they chose the brand purchased based on an advertisement. Deal shoppers are also likely to be higher volume purchasers — 78% who bought on deal reported buying five quarts or more, compared to only 53% who paid regular price.