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62% of Americans Plan Cookouts for the 4th of July

"Americans were expected to spend $6.9 billion on food for Fourth of July cookouts and picnics in 2018, according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insight & Analytics. That's the second-highest amount in the history of the survey and per-person spending is up."

Promoting Slow Cookers Through Healthy Eating Desires

"Nutritionists advise preparing more of your meals at home, and for good reason: Doing so raises the nutritional quality of your diet, according to Consumer Reports. Studies have shown that home cooking fans may get more fruits and vegetables and less sodium and unhealthy fats than those who dine out, or do take out, frequently. And they tend to weigh less and have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, too."

38% of Consumers Plan to Cook More Meals at Home

"Around the globe, people are more likely to think that their access to healthy and quality food will increase in the future, but that it will come at a price, according to a new Global Advisor survey from Ipsos. Those surveyed are more than twice as likely to say that the costs of food will get worse in the future than believe it will improve."

19% of Americans Don't Have Time to Prepare Meals

This September marks the fourth annual National Family Meals Month which the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Foundation launched to encourage Americans to strive for just one more family meal per week at home. Over this short period of time, the movement has grown to include approximately 200 partners (food retailers, manufacturers and community organizations) and an annual tracking study by The Nielsen Company shows that the drive is having a significant impact. According to Nielsen, among those who saw the campaign, 84% took action such as eating together more as a family and cooking more meals at home.

Boredom No. 1 Meal-Time Challenge for Moms

According to SheSpeaks Inc.'s recent survey, the No. 1 meal-time challenge faced by women is boredom. "Yes, boredom," Aliza Freud wrote. "Not cost or lack of time. Those are lower on the list. Women are bored and their families are bored with their meals.

More Consumers Cooking at Home in Effort to Reduce Bills, Eat Healthier

A growing number of U.S. consumers are taking to their kitchens to cook more frequently, and trying new and more nutritious foods, in an effort to reduce food bills and perhaps their waistlines. According to a recent DuPont Teflon brand "Be Cook Aware" consumer survey, 37% of consumers reported they are cooking more often, 26% are experimenting more with food, and 23% are eating more natural or organic foods.

Desire For a Healthier Diet, Experimentation Motivating More to Cook at Home

While Baby Boomers have been given credit for launching America’s cooking craze and nurturing it over the past few decades, Baby Boomers’ children, the Millennial generation (aged 17–34 in 2011), are now poised to take over and start stirring the pot. A quarter (25%) of Millennials claim to “love cooking” versus 17% of their senior counterparts. Marketers can benefit from this trend by promoting options that adhere to specific health requirements, as well as add an element of fun and adventure to meal prep.

Ethnic Foods Becoming Increasingly More Popular, New Products Driving Sales

With an expanding ethnic population calling the US ‘home', a new Mintel report shows sales of ethnic foods have climbed steadily since 2004, set to reach a record high of $2.2 billion in 2009. In addition, Mintel forecasts solid growth of nearly 20% from 2010–14. Mexican/Hispanic foods represent the largest segment of the ethnic foods market with nearly two-thirds (62%) of sales. However, it's the Asian and Indian food segments that are driving the market's growth, with 11% and 35% growth, respectively, from 2006-08. A resurgence in cooking and product innovation are helping to drive sales.