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How to Help Your Team Members Connect to the Corporate Mission

Your senior managers get the corporate mission. After all, they spend enough hours locked in meetings, developing goals to steer their departments in the right direction. What about the employees who work on the production line?

Top Leaders Never Say "That Won't Work"

Management has asked you to take on a bigger role, because they believe you can make a difference in helping the company to reach its goals and grow. Whenever you have to say no, and sometimes that is the right answer, follow up on your negative response with a plan about what to do next. That’s Dan Rockwell’s advice at Leadershipfreak​.blog.

5 Reasons Sales Reps Will Leave Your Company and What to Do About it

73% of sales reps have, at some point in their career, left a company of their own accord, according to a January 2017 survey of 725 U.S. sales representatives by my firm SalesFuel. It's a fact that one of the biggest headaches for sales managers these days is trying to find and hire good salespeople. I often get asked about the best places to find sales talent and how to reel in the best candidates. But it’s more productive to look at the problem from a different angle.

Do You Know How to Handle the Most Dangerous Workplace Emotion?

Is there any emotion with a more dangerous undercurrent than anger? Likely not, according to Maurice Schweitzer and Jeremy Yip at Wharton. As a leader, you need to find ways to manage your anger and to help your team members with this issue.

Do You Possess This One Critical Leadership Quality?

Senior management has put you into a position of responsibility for a number of reasons. You should be modeling behavior that fits the corporate culture — getting to work on time and treating employees with respect. You know — the things you learned in kindergarten.

Do You Know What Motivates Your Reps?

As a sales manager, you’d like to think you understand what motivates your reps to get out there and pitch to prospects and customers every day, knowing their hit rate might not be great. If you want to improve your reps' performance, don't assume money is the chief motivating factor.

So, you screwed up. Here's how to make it worse!

You can probably think of many examples of cover-ups that were worse than the crime. Intentionally or unintentionally, people foul things up. It’s the reaction to those mistakes that reveals their true character.

Quick Tips to Make Your Next Reorganization a Success

Did you know only 23% of companies rate their reorganizations a success? That means over 75% of business leaders who’ve rolled out a reorganization have given themselves a failing grade.

Is It Time To Update Your Employee Recognition Process?

While employees appreciate a boost to their finances or a trip to an exotic island, Mary Schaefer, an HR expert, reminds us that great managers go beyond money and awards during the recognition process.

58% of Job Performance Tied to Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goldman famously applied EI to the business world and pointed out that business leaders with high EI are the most effective at their jobs. Another study proved that 58% of your job performance is tied to your emotional intelligence. How can you make EI work for you?

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