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Bars and Entertainment Businesses to Target Single Dads Who Seek Social Connections

"The quality of an individual’s social connections has been proven to be an indicator of physical and mental well-being and longevity, with mutually supportive friendships acting as a protective factor against anxiety and depression, reports Ipsos. Having strong social connections can be beneficial to fathers, who can experience stress and isolation during this critical life stage."


Retailers to Target the 77% of Americans Celebrating Father’s Day

"Father’s Day spending was estimated to total a near-record $15.3 billion in 2018, according to a study released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. A total of 77% of Americans were predicted to celebrate Father’s Day and spend an average of $133 per person."


Over 70% of Dads Crave Their Daily Cup of Coffee

Amora, a subscription-based company delivering premium coffee and tea directly to consumers across the U.S., today announced the results from its Father's Day survey, which found that 72% of fathers are likely to drink coffee or tea at least once a day. These results come on the heels of Amora's Mother's Day survey insights, which found 74% of mothers drink coffee or tea on a daily basis.

70% of Dads Stay Home by Choice

New research on dads reveals they are more connected emotionally and technologically than ever before. Today‰Ûªs dads see their roles very differently from dads of previous generations. For brands looking to connect with the dads demo, it‰Ûªs important to understand the major shift this generation is ushering in.

More Dads Staying Home with Kids

With Father’s Day just behind us, now is a good time to consider the impact of dads on their kids’ lives. Pew Research is out with a new report about the growing trend of dads who are not working outside the home. The number of dads staying home with their kids has risen dramatically and these men comprise an important audience for marketers to reach.

Shoppers to Spend Average of $113 on Gifts for Father's Day

According a new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average person will spend $113.80 on neckties, tools, electronics and other special gifts for dad this year. Father's Day shoppers will look for gifts at a variety of locations, including discount stores (28.1%), online (28.4%) and specialty stores (24.2%); 16.6% say they plan to support their communities and shop at a local or small business to find gift items for dad.

Grocery Stores to Target More Dads

There’s been a huge shift in the day-to-day responsibilities of American dads over the past decade. The biggest change involves shopping, especially for groceries. A generation ago, many dads rarely shopped for food. Now they are buying food and cooking meals. The new American dad makes a big target market for supermarket promotions.