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Employers Must Enhance Online Job Postings to Get Noticed

"Online advertised vacancies increased 170,800 to 4,651,500 in July, according to The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine (HWOL) Data Series. The June Supply/Demand rate stands at 1.46 unemployed for each advertised vacancy, with a total of 2.1 million more unemployed workers than the number of advertised vacancies. The number of unemployed was approximately 6.6 million in June."

Millennials Respond Well to Creative Work Environments

Today’s HR professionals in the U.S. face major challenges in the areas of bridging skill gaps, engaging Millennials and spurring innovation in the workplace. A new survey found economic outlook in the U.S. to be increasingly positive, with 89% of organizations reporting that they will maintain or increase staffing levels in the next 12 months. However, engaging Millennials (18–30 year olds) remains a challenge.

Nearly One-in-Five Employers Plan to Hire Seasonal Workers This Year

The outlook for seasonal hiring in the fourth quarter of 2009 is projected to be similar to 2008, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. Eighteen percent of hiring managers plan to hire seasonal workers to meet business needs associated with the holidays and end-of-the-year wrap-ups, on par with 17% in 2008. Seasonal positions may prove to be the break job seekers are looking for as three-in-ten (31%) hiring managers indicate they are likely to hire a seasonal worker for a full time position. The most popular positions identified for seasonal recruitment include customer service, retail sales, administrative/clerical, hospitality, shipping/delivery, inventory, technology and accounting/finance.

Staffing Firms May Increase Marketing

Amidst the news that the nation’s unemployment rate continues to rise and may reach 10% before the economic recovery really kicks in, some analysts are watching the staffing industry closely. While Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) predicts that 2009 will usher in an overall drop of 25% for companies in this industry, the firm is predicting an industry growth rate of 5% for 2010.

Retain Your Job During A Recession

Approximately half of Americans are worried about losing their jobs. Are you one of them? Executive sales coach Keith Rosen recently wrote the first article of an eight-part article series on how employees can keep their jobs in this rocky business climate.

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